A Guide to Looking Incredible in a Fitted Dress

A Guide to Looking Incredible in a Fitted Dress

Wearing a fitted dress can be a real fashion statement. It tells the world that you’re confident and comfortable in the way you look, and can make you feel amazing. However, you need to make sure that you wear it right! A fitted dress is a brave move, so you need to do it properly. Whether you’re going for a plain bodycon style or one of those bandage dresses, you can look amazing. Take these tips to help you:

Wear the Right Size

Make sure you’re wearing the right size dress in the first place. It might be tempting to get a smaller size, but you need to remember that numbers don’t mean anything really. Nobody will be able to tell what size you’re wearing, and if you wear it right you’ll look amazing regardless. If you can try on the dress beforehand then do so to make sure it isn’t too tight. You’re better off getting one with a small amount of wiggle room rather than one that’s too tight.

Pick a Flattering Colour

Pick a flattering colour dress and you’ll look instantly slimmer. You can pick any colour, of course, but some will make you look slimmer than others. Black and other dark colours will slim you down, but light colours can make you look larger. You may also want to pick a colour you know suits your skintone and hair colour. This will ensure that you pop rather than look washed out. The fitted dresses from GUESS come in a range of colours so you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Wear The Right Underwear

If you wear big pants and you can see the pants through the dress, you’re not going to look fabulous. Make sure you wear the right underwear. It isn’t always necessary, but you may even want to avoid wearing underwear altogether if you’re avoiding those telltale lines. Slimming underwear could also be an option. They make some amazing underwear these days that will slim and enhance you in all of the right places.

Stand Up Tall

Make sure you focus on your posture and stand up tall with your chest out. You’ll instantly slim down – you can make yourself look 10 pounds lighter just by doing this! Practice doing it often enough and soon it will come naturally to you.

Wear Heels/Wedges

Heels or wedges will elongate your legs and make your bum look perkier. They can also make you look slimmer in an instant, so pop on your favourite pair and you’ll love wearing your bodycon dress.

Think Confident Thoughts

Finally, think confident thoughts. When you feel self-conscious, other people will be able to tell. Avoid thinking negative thoughts and replace them with positive feelings instead.
If you use these tips you’ll always look incredible whatever kind of dress you wear. The key is to make sure you’re comfortable and the rest will fall into place. Leave any tips of your own below. See you again soon!


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