Save money with Groupon Coupons

Save money with Groupon Coupons

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Who wouldn’t like to save money while shopping? I know I do and whenever possible I try to find sales, deals, discounts or vouchers to save some money. While I lived in the UK then I fell in love with Groupon because you can actually save money with Groupon Coupons. Besides discount codes to stores and online stores, you can also find great deals for restaurants, spas, theatres, hotels, car wash & service etc.

Planning a holiday getaway? Then again I, personally, would start from Groupon because they offer great deals to destinations all over the world 🙂

Since I need to update my Spring wardrobe, plus I realised that little mr.R has outgrown most of his clothes then at the moment I’m mostly interested in deals to different clothing stores and department stores.

For little mr.R clothes, my first stop is Carter’s and next one Kohl’s. Groupon currently offers 22 coupons to Carter’s and 121 coupons to Kohl’s, so I’m pretty sure I’ll find some great deals.

Great place for updating my wardrobe is Last Call by Neiman Marcus and so Groupon has 13 coupons available for last call (Neiman Marcus) and I already have my eye on some fashionable and trendy handbags that are just perfect Spring and sandals that just scream summer, sun and warm weather 🙂

And for those who are interested in beauty products then I definitely recommend checking out coupons to TRIA Beauty and Birchbox 😉

For great deals don’t forget also to check out Groupon’s Facebook page and Twitter.

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