Queen Odelia Day Cream & Hand Cream

In December I showed you two Chic nail polishes which were sent for me for the review from Israel (see posts HERE & HERE). Today I have even more exciting products to show you straight from Israel – cruelty free Queen Odelia day cream and hand cream. I have tried and used some skin care products made in Israel before and they have been good or very good and so when I started using these two creams a month ago I had rather high expectations. Did these two products live up to my expectations? Read on 😉

Queen Odelia Day Cream & Hand Cream


Queen Odelia Day Cream

Queen Odelia Day Cream review

Queen Odelia Day Cream is promised to protect your skin from the damaging particles in the air and extreme elemental changes to bring out the best in your skin everyday. It contains a perfect blend of natural nutrients and antioxidants that work to maximize luminosity and reduce any signs of premature aging. The daily application of Queen Odelia Day Cream also helps your skin look younger and gives it a soft glow that will make you feel fierce and empowered.

Queen Odelia päevakreem

My opinion: Queen Odelia Day Cream comes in a golden 50ml plastic jar with a screw lid. The cream has lovely light texture and pleasant fresh scent. It absorbs rather quickly, but if you apply too much products then it will leave skin feeling sticky for a while. I like how this day cream keeps my skin moisturized all day and so far it has worked well with my foundations and powders too.

I have used this cream about a month now and so far I like this cream a lot. Although I haven’t noticed it making my skin look younger (read: make my wrinkles magically disappear), then it does give my skin this kind of a nice glow.

Overall I’m very happy with this cream and I would buy it again.

Queen Odelia Day Cream ingredients

Queen Odelia Hand Cream

Queen Odelia Lavender Vanilla Patchouli Hand Cream is promised to quickly penetrate to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. Queen Odelia hand cream absorbs easily and leaves hands soft and smooth without oily residues.

Queen Odelia hand cream

My opinion: Queen Odelia hand cream comes in a 120ml plastic tube with flip cap. The cream itself is white and it has light texture. It does absorb rather easily, just as promised, but if you apply too much cream then you will have some oily residues. This hand cream makes my hand soft and smooth. I do have to reapply it after every time I wash my hands, but I guess that’s the case with most hand creams. I like how this hand cream performs, but there is one thing I don’t like about it – it has quite overpowering scent. The scent does fades after a while,  but still the scent might become a problem for some people.

Overall I like how Queen Odelia hand cream makes my hands soft, but I’m just not fan of its scent.

Queen Odelia hand cream ingredients

Queen Odelia products are available at queenodelia.com


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