NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream

On Tuesday I showed you NoTS 28 Remedy Intensive Serum which is promised to have several benefits on all skin types and today I have another NoTS product to show you –  NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream.

NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream


NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream is described as an intensive nutrient supply for acne-prone and sensitive skin. It soothes damaged skin without any irritation and provides abundant nutrients deep into the skin increasing skin stability. 28 Remedy Repair cream helps to protect the skin from external irritation. It also offers whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, and helps to improve skin’s elasticity.

NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream review

I haven’t used many Korean skin care products and so the opportunity to try something with so many great promises was exciting. NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream is thick white cream with very strong tea tree scent. When I first smelled it then I didn’t really know what to expect, because it seemed like a cream that might not be moisturising and nourishing enough for my normal to dry skin, especially now when we have winter and minus degrees here in Estonia. I have been using this cream almost a month now and I have to say that Korean cosmetics have surprised me again in a positive way! Once applied to skin this cream feels very light and it absorbs quickly leaving my face soft and looking firmer! I just LOVE how smooth my face feels and looks after applying this cream! My skin is moisturised all day and I like that this cream also works well with rest of my makeup products.

Overall I like 28 Remedy Repair Cream a lot, because it seems to work well for me 🙂

Would I buy it again? Well I’m not sure about that, because 30ml jar of this cream costs around 100$.

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