Eye Makeup: Tips And Tricks For Eyes That Pop

Is eye makeup one area that you’ve always struggled to get right? Whether you’re off for a special night out or simply want to master the art of eye makeup for your day to day look, you’re in the right place. I know how tricky it can be to get your head around eye makeup, that’s why I thought I would share all my fave tips and tricks for eyes that pop. For everything that you need to know about perfecting your eye makeup, keep reading.

Eye Makeup: Tips And Tricks For Eyes That Pop

Don’t forget to prime and conceal

When it comes to our eyes, far too many of us forget to prime and conceal. If you want big, beautiful eyes, don’t make this mistake. While you can use a normal primer to prime the area, because the skin is so delicate, it’s best to use an eye primer for under the eyes. (This should be applied to the lid and underneath the eye.)

Once you’ve applied your primer, the next step is to conceal. Using concealer around your eyes is especially important if you suffer from dark bags, as dark areas can make your eyes appear sunken and small. Using a concealer brush and the concealer of your choice – Benefit’s Boi-ing is a good option, dot a small amount under your eyes as well as on the lids. The best concealer for hiding dark bags is a yellow-toned one, as the yellow coloring helps to mask the dark areas.

Make highlighter your best friend

Often, our eyes can end up sinking into our heads, instead of standing out. However, with a little highlighting powder dotted in the right places, you can make your eyes look beautifully big. You’ll find that most eyeshadow palettes come with a highlighting shade; this is usually one of the lightest colors. Normally, it’s a pearly or creamy color, as these are perfect for using to highlight.

Using a small amount of highlighter and an angled eye brush, and sweep the brush along under your brow. Then, use the brush to highlight the corners of your eye and the lower lashline. Have a look in the mirror, and you’ll be amazed at how much bigger your eyes look.

Get your eyeliner spot on

black eye liner

For big, beautiful eyes, it’s crucial that you get your eyeliner just right. Instead of lining the lower lash line, only line the top. This will help to open up the eye, and will make your eyes look that much bigger.

If you’re using a kohl pencil liner, make sure to use a blending brush to lighten the line. Otherwise, it could end up looking too harsh. Obviously, you can’t blend liquid liner, but what you can do is select a shade that’s just right for your skin tone and colorings. If you’re light skinned, black liner can wash you out. So a lighter shade, like brown, could be a better option.

Pimp your lashes

wearing fake lashes

And last but not least, for big, beautiful eyes, pimp your lashes. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting your lashes just right, consider investing in fake ones. Sometimes fake lashes can be the best option as they look great and are free of hassle. If you’re thinking of going with fakies, these mink lashes by Velour are perfect.

For a more natural look, start off by curling your lashes. Once you’ve curled them, the next step is to prime them – Benefit does a lovely eyelash primer. Then, all you need to do is pop on a little mascara, and you’re good to go.

So there you have it, all the best tips and tricks for beautiful eyes that pop.

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