Expert Tips For Taking A Month Long Holiday

Sometimes, we all need to get away for a while. And I mean really get a way. I’m talking about packing your bags, and heading abroad for a month or longer. A long trip like this gives you a certain perspective on life. It helps you see things more clearly, and figure out what you actually want to do next in life. Taking off for this length of time is a big decision, and you’ll need to plan it all perfectly. Here are a few tips to help you on the way, and have the time of your life.

Expert Tips For Taking A Month Long Holiday

Planning the route

If you’re going for a month or longer, you don’t want to stay in just one place. This is your chance to explore the world, and see multiple places. This is the time to tick things off your bucket list! If you’re heading to Europe, try to take in a range of cities. See Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and London. You could even go further into Eastern Europe, and see the beautiful Czech Republic or Poland. Give yourself a rough itinerary, but don’t be afraid to change it along the way.


Of course, taking a long trip like this requires extensive financial planning! The costs will add up, so start budgeting as early as possible. I like to start saving for a these kind of trips months in advance. When it comes to booking hostels and flats, it’s actually cheaper than you think. As for spending money, here’s a tip I picked up while travelling. Rather than carrying a huge amount of cash everywhere, schedule regular money transfers to your destination country. You can use a service like TransferGo for this.


Now, here comes the big question. How on earth do you pack for a month-long trip? It’s no easy feat, let me tell you! Now, a big part of the decision is your destination. If you’re heading somewhere sunny, you’re in luck. You can simply pack a bag full of shorts and tshirts. If you’re going somewhere cold, you’re going to have to get creative! The general rule is this. Don’t pack anything that needs ironing or can’t fold up. Think thin materials, and simple clothing.


I always like to plan lots of activities in advance. Remember, this is your chance to start ticking things off a bucket list! Have you ever wanted to do a bungee jump? Book it in now, before you chicken out! Do the same with rock climbing, surf lessons, or anything else along the way.


I personally love the planning aspect as much as I love the holiday. The excitement starts to kick in, and you get butterflies in your tummy. But, there are also a few boring things to get in place too. Make sure your passport is in date for the entire period of travel. Check with the embassies to see if you need any visas too.

Once each of these items are checked off, you’re ready to go! Good luck, and have an amazing time.

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