Stylish eyewear for the fashionista

Pretty eyes are a major asset, so doesn’t it make sense to frame them beautifully? Selecting the right eyewear to enhance the natural beauty of your peepers is not as simple as you may think. Taking into consideration details such as face shape, eye color, and skin and hair tone means selecting a show-stopping set of frames is not simply a matter of reaching for the first model that catches your eye.

Stylish eyewear for the fashionista

Trends in eyewear are constantly shifting – one year heavy frames are all the rage, the next it’s all about frame-free invisible styles. It can be hard keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not in the optical world, so read on for a guide to your options.

Frame shape

When you find the perfect frame shape to complement your face, it makes such a difference to your overall appearance. Frames that work in harmony with your look are like gold dust, and when found, most people stick with the shape.

As a general rule, the more angles in your face shape, the more curved and rounded your eyewear styles should be. Curved, organic shapes introduce a softness and break up firmer silhouettes. If your face is a little boxy and square in shape, don’t be tempted to grab a pair of angular frames off the shelf – they won’t do you any favors. Instead, opt for a sinuous, soft design that enhances your eyes and brings harmony to your look. Heart-shaped faces (those that are wider at the top and then get thinner at the chin) benefit from frames that balance out the shape of the face – try a pair with thicker upper rims and a barely-there frame underneath. Long, oval face shapes look fantastic when teamed with eyewear that breaks up the length of the face – bold designs that bring focus to the eyes give tremendous results.

Eyewear trends

Those firmly committed to their spectacles will want to know about the shapes appearing at the influential catwalk shows in autumn. Featured frames included cat’s eye shapes; thick, primary-colored sets; round, owlish spectacles; and even hexagonal shapes. Many models sported eyewear that was more nerdy than flirty – the message portrayed was, “Don’t be afraid to be geeky!”

Frame free

When the headache of finding the perfect set of frames becomes too much, there’s another easily attainable choice for fashionistas. For some, the constant hunt for great frames or the inconvenience of contact lenses becomes too much hassle and they opt for an easier, frame-free life. With laser treatment for eyesight correction becoming widely available, Texans head for premium Dallas LASIK surgery for swift and effective improvements. Here, you can benefit from treatment for near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. With quick recovery times and affordable payment plans, laser eye correction treatment has become the number one choice for those ditching their glasses for good.

Whatever plans you have in store for your eyes, whether it’s a revolutionary new makeover with cutting-edge frames or even tossing your eyewear away forever with liberating laser surgery, treat these precious and beautiful assets with great care.

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