Protect your iPhone 6/6s with protective cases from Mobile Fun

So you have iPhone 6/6s and you want to add a touch of personal style to your phone. And you want to protect your iPhone 6/6s from scratches? Then you need two things: screen protector and a case to protect it from everyday wear. There are many different cases out there, but so far I have the best experience with protective iPhone cases from Mobile Fun. This summer they sent me beautiful butterfly case and this week I received two more covers.

Protect your iPhone 6/6s with protective cases from Mobile Fun

Untitled offers wide choice of different iPhone cases for every taste and budget and for me it took quite a long time to makeup up my mind what I would like for my phone. I wanted something eye-catching and then I wanted something chic and girly.

My eye-catching choice was pink Olixar Maze Hollow iPhone 6S/6 Case. This case is made of  a special strong and durable material that provides long-lasting protection for iPhone. I like its slim fitting style and so it doesn’t make my iPhone bigger or heavier. It fits perfectly and it has cut-outs for all ports, buttons and rear camera. What’s also important for me, is that it is very easy to put this case on my iPhone and when I want to take it off, then I don’t have to break my nails when I try to remove it.

Olixar Maze Hollow iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Pink Sorbet from Mobilefun

My second choice was Adarga Hummingbird iPhone 6S/6 Case which looks so pretty! I absolutely love the laser-etched floral hummingbird design, which makes this case beautiful and girly. This case is made of durable polycarbonate, which helps to protect iPhone from scratches, scrapes and light knocks. Since Hummingbird case is designed specifically for iPhone 6/6s then it fits my iPhone like a glove and this case, just as the Olixar Maze Hollow iPhone 6S/6 Case, has cut-outs for all ports, buttons and rear camera. This case is lightweight and it doesn’t make my iPhone look or feel bulky. Taking this case off my iPhone was bit more complicated, but not much 🙂

Adarga Hummingbird iPhone 6S / 6 Case from Mobile Fun

Overall I’m super impressed with these two cases, because they look and feel sturdy, but they don’t make my iPhone heavy or bulky. Plus they look super stylish!

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