Mad Beauty Advent Calendar – is it worth the money?

Nowadays there are many different Advent calendars for almost everyone. In October I was making an order from and I stumbled on Mad Beauty Advent Calendar and so I decided to treat myself with something special. Before that advent calendar I hadn’t heard of Mad Beauty and so to tell you the truth  I had no idea what to expect.

Mad Beauty Advent Calendar - is it worth the money

Mad Beauty advent calendar is like a typical advent calendar – there are 24 doors to open and behind each door is a small beauty gift.

Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

Behind my Mad Beauty advent calendar doors I found these 24 small beauty gifts: 5 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, 3 nail polishes, 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 lip liner pencil, 2 blushes, 2 eye shadow quads, lip brush, blush brush, applicator, toe separator, nail file, sharpener and a powder compact.

Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

Mad Beauty Blusher (2.5g) – I love the peach shade of this blush and the fact that it has nice satin finish. It is good shade for everyday use.

Mad Beauty Blusher swatch

Mad Beauty Blusher (3.5g) – I like the shade although I’m not going to use it very often, because it doesn’t look that great on my skin.

MAd Beauty blush swatch

Mad Beauty Eye Shadow (3g) – contains perfect shades for creating brown smokey eye. All 4 shades have satin finish. They are rather well pigmented, but without primer they’ll fade really quickly.

Mad Beauty eyeshadow quad

Mad Beauty Eye Shadow (3g) – is way too pink for my taste. Pigmentation of this palette is good, but again – without primer they fade super fast.

Mad Beauty Eye shadows

Mad Beauty lipsticks and lip glosses – Both Mad Beauty lipsticks have this kind of plastic smell and they don’t taste very well either. Both shades look nice on lips and they have satin finish. They don’t feel very moisturizing, but they aren’t the most drying ones either. All 5 lip glosses have this super sweet scent that is just so overpowering :S I like that these glosses are not sticky, but they do feel kind of oily which I don’t like because it feels like the lip gloss is escaping from my lips. The only lip gloss that adds color to my lips is the red one, rest of the lip glosses just add shine.

Mad Beauty lip glosses and lipsticks swatches

Mad Beauty nail polishes (3x5ml) – silver and pink polish have rather good formula and they are one coaters, but the dark red is thin and runny. All three polishes take forever to dry on my nails 🙁

Mad Beauty nail polishes

Mad Beauty powder compact (3.5g) – is matte powder, but unfortunately its shade is too dark for my light skin tone.

Mad Beauty Powder Compact

Mad Beauty sharpener, nail file and toe separator – nothing special. The sharpener is suitable for regular pencils (not the jumbo ones), nail file and toe separator work, but they really aren’t anything special.

Mad Beauty Sharpener, nail file and toe separator

Mad Beauty Eyeliner Pencil and Lipliner Pencil – I.Hate.That:Eyeliner.Pencil! That says all! It even hurt when I swatched on my arm, I can’t even imagine using it on my eyes. Unfortunately the lip liner isn’t better either  🙁

Mad Beauty Lip Liner and Eyeliner Pencil

Mad Beauty blush brush, lip brush and applicator – Are you kidding me? These three items are a huge joke! The blush brush sheds like crazy. The lip brush is useless for applying lipstick and I hate those double-ended applicators. Awful!

Mad Beauty blush brush, lip brush and applicator

Mad Beauty Christmas themed nail stickers – look great and I will be using them for some of my Christmas themed manicures.

Mad Beauty Christmas Themed nail stickers

So these were all 24 products in Mad Beauty advent calendar. Overall I’m very disappointed, because some of the products I received are just completely useless and the rest of them have just very low quality. I liked just one thing from this calendar – nail art stickers and I hope they will not disappoint me.

Would I suggest buying this advent calendar? NO NO NOOOOO! It really isn’t worth the money!


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