How to Show Off Your Best Assets in a Prom Dress

While keeping the latest trends in mind while prom dress shopping is important, it’s more crucial that you choose a dress that flatters your body type.

How to Show Off Your Best Assets in a Prom Dress

Every teen girl dreams of her prom and looking radiant as she arrives, but it’s so much easier to do that if you wear a dress that’s suited to not only your personal style but also your body type. Certain prom dresses look better on curvier girls than slender girls with small bust lines. Likewise, taller teen girls look stunning in different kinds of dresses than petite girls do.

Prom Dresses For Every Body Type

  • Petite-If you’re under 5 feet and 4 inches, you’re typically considered petite when it comes to clothes. Short prom dresses were made for you, especially ones that hit above the knee, because they make your legs appear longer and leaner. The newer hi-low trend also looks stunning on shorter girls because it allows a more classic look in the back, while showing off just a bit of leg. You can even check the clearance sale for prom dresses and find plenty of Hannah S and La Femme short dresses that are heavily discounted.
  • Slender-If you have a “rectangular-type” physique with little curves, try experimenting with empire waist dresses. Cinching up at the waistline gives the illusion of curves. Wearing a two-piece prom dress in two different colors also helps because breaking up the color and pattern adds definition. Often, the best neckline for you is the sweetheart neckline because it defines your curves better with the inverted heart shape. When shopping for these options, make sure to check that you get free shipping on your orders.
  • Apple- Teen girls with an “apple” figure generally are curvier, especially in the mid-section so you want to choose dresses that will smooth over those areas without emphasizing them. Flatter your larger bust line with deep plunging halter style neckline. Camouflage the abundance of curves by selecting A-line gowns or even a baby-doll style dress, anything with a free-flowing skirt. Avoid mermaid and bandage style dresses as you’ll show every unwanted curve.
  • Pear- If you have wider hips, a rounded butt, and a slimmer waistline, then you have a “pear” physique. You’ll look most flattering in dresses that emphasize the bodice of the gown with beads or sequins and your tiny waist and flair over your hips. The detailing is key to flatter your upper body, be it an off the shoulder neckline, a cinched beaded waistband, or intricate designs. Think of any style from shorter and flared skirts to princess ball gowns.
  • Hourglass-Every girl wants to have perfectly propionate body type but you still need the ideal prom dress or else it won’t look flattering on you. While hourglass figures technically can wear more styles, they look the best in mermaid or trumpet gowns. You actually possess the right amount of curves to fill out these gowns just right and then they both flare out at the bottom. However, trumpet gowns flare out around mid-thigh and only a little, while mermaid gowns flare at the knees.

Have you started your prom dress shopping yet? Which styles have you found work the best for your body type?

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