Gold and silver nails

Gold and silver nails

Don’t you just hate when sometimes you have a great idea and in your mind the result should look just perfect but in reality the result is just kind of blah? Yeah! That’s what happened with the manicure I’m showing you today! I had this “amazing” idea to create a gold and silver nails using Avon Magic Effects Molten Metal polish in Gold and OPI Turn On The Haute Light. Too bad the result didn’t turn out as eye-catching as I hoped 🙁

I started my manicure with Révérence de Bastien base coat and then I added a coat of Avon Magic Effects Molten Metal nail polish in Gold. Next I added stripes and dots (you can see them a bit) using nail art brush, dotting tool and OPI silver polish Turn On The Haute Light. Once Turn On The Haute Light had tried a bit I added some golden dots on silver lines. I finished my manicure with INM Out The Door quick drying top coat.

silver and gold nail art

As you can see my gold and silver nails didn’t turn out as eye-catching as I had imagined. The main reason for that probably is that although these polishes look different, then together in this nail art they look too similar. Well lesson learned – I can’t mix these polishes, but I’m not giving up on gold and silver manicure 😛


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