Feather & Bone Face Gems

Last week I received a sample of a very interesting skin care product. I know how word interesting might sometimes have a kind of negative meaning, but this time it was interesting in a positive way. When I first read about Feather & Bone Face Gems, I wasn’t very sure what to think about them. I mean they are small tablets that contain very interesting ingredients like sandalwood, starch and Fuller’s Earth and they are suitable for all skin types and they should give your face a magic glow. Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it?
Feather & Bone Face Gems


Well I was sent three Feather & Bone Face Gems (read: three tablets) to test and try. Three tablets equals three washes. Face gems come in a blister packaging just like tablets normally do. Tablet itself is light brown and it smells like wood… like real wood 😀

Feather & Bone Face Gems contain sandalwood, starch, fuller's earth

Feather & Bone Face Gems contain:

Sandalwood = Cleanser

  • an antiseptic agent
  • gives a natural glow
  • removes dirt from pores
  • anti-aging
  • relaxes the face

Fuller’s Earth = Exfoliator

  • improves blood circulation
  • removes black heads and white heads
  • tones the skin
  • soothing effect
  • gives natural oils to the skin

Starch = Moisturizer

  • natural moisturizer for oily and dry skins
  • relieves itchy skin
  • keeps skin fresh
  • removes dead skin
  • cools the Face

Feather & Bone Face Gems

For using these all you have to do is pop one tablet in the palm of your hand and then add up to 10 drops of water and apply pressure to the tablet to turn it into a paste. When it comes to water then I don’t suggest adding more than 10 drops, because then the paste will be too runny. Next you have apply the paste to your face. I prefer doing that in circular motion.

My opinion of Feather & Bone Face Gems

When I used Feather & Bone Face Gems for the first time then it sort of felt like massaging fine sawdust on my face. I mean it just had that sawdust-like feel and it had super strong wood scent. What really amazed me, was how smooth and clean my skin felt after using it. My skin felt very clean, but at the same time it didn’t feel unpleasantly dry. All my treatments and creams seemed to absorb much better after washing my face with this tablet.

Overall I’m impressed! I just can’t believe how well these small tablets work on my face! I’m in love!

You can buy Feather & Bone Face Gems from featherandboneco.com, where 60 tablets cost 15$.

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