Soltan Dry Touch Face Suncare Cream SPF30

I purchased Soltan Dry Touch Face Suncare Cream SPF30 back in April or May from when weather in the UK got sunny and I discovered that I’m out of sunscreen for my  face. I normally prefer sun creams with SPF30 or more for my face, because I don’t want to burn my face.

Soltan Dry Touch Face Suncare Cream SPF30

Soltan Dry Touch Face sunscreen is described as a cream that offers ultra protection against long-term skin damage and premature ageing caused by the sun. It is promised to be non-sticky and provide continuous moisturisation.

Soltan sunscreen for face comes in a 50ml plastic tube. The cream itself is thick white cream with „typical“ sunscreen scent. When it comes to these thick white creams with SPF30 and higher than my biggest fear is that it will leave my face looking ghostly white, oily and sticky.

Dry Touch Face Suncare Cream SPF30 is easy to apply.  It does take about 5 minutes to completely absorbs, but after it has absorbed I can’t see or feel it on my face! Yay! I like that there is no white film on my skin after using it and my skin isn’t sticky or oily either. I wouldn’t say that this cream leaves my skin matte – in my opinion it leaves my skin looking natural. I have also used it with makeup and so far haven’t really noticed any issues, except I might need just a little bit more powder than normally.

Besides sticky and oily white residues, my other issue with some sunscreens is that they start to clog my pores and eventually break me out. During my holiday in Crete I used only this sunscreen on my face for 9 days in a row and …. no problems with break outs! Another yay!

Overall I’m super happy with Soltan Dry Touch Face Suncare Cream SPF30 and if I can get my hands on it in Estonia then I will probably buy it again.

Don’t forget that you should apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going into the sun and reapply every 1-2 hours and always after swimming.

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