How to Avoid Being Overdressed at Homecoming or Prom

While both Homecoming and Prom are a major part of a teenage girl’s life, they are very different and demand a different kind of formal wear at each. Often, both high schools or colleges hold Homecoming in the fall as way to welcome back students as they partake in activities, leading up to an exciting football game and a dance on a Saturday night. Typically, more Homecoming dresses are shorter and flirtier, with a knee-length hemline. On the other hand, Prom takes place in the spring and is a celebration mainly for seniors and some juniors. This event is more formal so floor-length gowns with more glitz and glamour are perfectly acceptable.

How to Not Overdress at School Dances

While the selection of dresses this year might be overwhelming, narrow your choices down by not only considering the type of event and dress code but by perusing some dress choices at Peaches Boutique in Chicago.  This will help you find the appropriate dresses of the latest fashions, such as fit and flare styles and bandage minis for Homecoming to princess-type ball gowns for Prom. These tips will help you find the ideal gown for both, without going overboard.


  • Opt for shorter dresses and don’t reuse an old prom dress. Instead opt for something new and fresh, and you’ll find a huge selection of fashionable homecoming dresses at Peaches Boutique.
  • Stick to a classic homecoming style, which translates to semi-formal options. This generally means knee-length dresses and nothing too embellished or overdone. Stick to autumn or winter colors or even subtle patterns but avoid pastels for Homecoming. You can never go wrong with a little black dress or a metallic dress in silver or gold, depending on your skin tone. Choose one with just enough beading or sparkle to make it dressy and that you accessorize with diamond studs or sparkly pumps.
  • Select a dress that’s both flattering and comfortable as you’ll be on the move for several hours through group photos to dancing the night away. Both jersey and chiffon skirts are easy to move in, while the chiffon ones tend to be a more flared style than a hip-hugging one.


  • Choose either a short prom dress or a longer princess-type gown, as they are both appropriate since prom is more formal so you can show up with more sparkle, ruffles, or embellishments on your gown. Keep in mind the same advice when choosing fabrics that allow you to move around and breathe easily but you can select a much wider range of colors for Prom.
  • Show just the right amount of skin. It’s classy to have a backless dress, especially if part of it features a nude mesh over it. It may look tacky if your dress has a slit all the way to your thigh, a deep plunging neckline, and an open back. So choose to show just the right amount of skin without going overboard.
  • Match your accessories properly. You found the perfect ruby-red prom dress, complete intricate designs on the bodice and cap sleeves. Don’t wreck it by purchasing all your accessories in that shade of reddish pink. Instead, accent your dress with silver heels and a silver or diamond bag, along with diamond studded jewelry to complete the look.

Teen girls often remember both of these dances fondly for years to come so try not to become overstressed about what to wear and focus on having a good time.

Going To Prom Or Homecoming Without Being Overdressed


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