Flat Foot – What are Its Symptoms?

Flat Foot – What are Its Symptoms?

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First of all, patients that have flat feet must know what it really is. Flat foot is a deformity. In flat foot, the arch of foot will collapse which will result in the foot’s bottom becoming completely flat, almost parallel to the ground.
Flatfoot, by itself isn’t painful, but it can lead to an uncomfortable or a painful experience. The condition arises when bones at the arch of the foot collapse like mentioned above. Some patient can experience heel pain, bunion pain, toenail pain, and fungal toenail infections.

In Children

Note that this condition is not the same as flat foot in infants where the cause is baby fat. Infants with flat foot usually develop flat foot within 6 years.

In Adults

Unlike flat feet in children, the problem in adults can be a bit more serious. Adult acquired flatfoot can be due to problematic biomechanics, prolonged stress or simply aging factor.
Most common suspects of flat feet are females entering their 40s. Usual targets of this problem are women with diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Flatfoot acquired at an elderly age is usually permanent.

How to Deal with Flat Foot?

The arch can be developed while the person is still at a growing age. For those that are above that age, they may have to consult a podiatrist. The podiatrist will – after examination – either recommend an orthotic treatment or prescribe a surgery if the feet do not respond to therapies.
To avoid having flat feet at later stage in life, it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet, get rid of obesity, not put your feet in awkward positions, work out and exercise regularly.
Also it is recommended to apply natural foot creams like the one offered by Nixsi to make your feet smooth, silky and soft.

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