What Women Need To Know When Choosing What Jeans To Wear

What Women Need To Know When Choosing What Jeans To Wear

Among many of the decisions that women have to make every day, is the decision of what jeans they look good in. Pants come in many fits and styles, and choosing the right ones that flatter your looks can often be a very time consuming and tricky process. The most common body types that women have are: an hourglass figure, a pear shaped figure, a rectangle/boy figure, an apple shaped figure, a plus size figure, a petite figure, a tall/lean figure. The goal is to look for elements in the jeans that balance out your problem areas and draw attention to your best features!

 Hour Glass Figure

If you have an hour glass figure you should be wearing mid-legged jeans with a mid-rise and a flat front. Wearing this style of pants will show off your curves while slimming you down in a flattering way.

 Pear Shaped Figure

Pear shaped women should stay away from tapered legs, which only emphasize your thighs and make them look bigger. You should get a flare style of jeans that are in a medium to dark wash in color. Consider wearing pants with a contoured cut that rises in back rather than in front to avoid gaping at the waist.

 Rectangle/Boy Shaped

If you are a woman with a rectangle or “boy” shape figure, you should wear flared and boot cut jeans. Pants that flare at the bottom add curve to your silhouette, making you look more balanced and giving you the appearance of a more womanly figure.

 Apple Shaped

Woman who are apple shaped or those who have a larger mid-section should wear medium rise jeans. They fall just below your belly button, covering your stomach and keeping it more in shape.

 Plus Size Figure

If you are a plus size figured woman you should wear straight or boot cut jeans that have a medium rise and a medium length. Choosing darker colored pants will also flatter your curves.

 Petite Figure

As a petit figured woman you should wear boot cut jeans or cropped skinny jeans. Wearing a lighter color will draw increased attention to your curves.

 Tall/Lean Figure

If you have a tall or lean figure you should wear straight legged jeans with flare. Pants that are well fitted throughout the majority of your legs would be your best bet!

 The Does and Don’ts Of Buying Jeans

  • Try on many different brands and styles, as they all tend to fit differently. Also, clothes always look different on real people than on a hanger or shelf.
  • Move around and stretch in them, make sure they are comfortable in everything that you may need to do while wearing the jeans.
  • Wear med.-light wash jeans, but strictly for casual occasions.
  • Always wear dark wash jeans for business, you may also use them for casual occasions.
  • Set a budget, and stick to it. And if you really need that expensive pair of pants, you can always get it for less if you use Target coupons and promo codes.
  • Don’t wear distressed jeans. Bleached spectrum jeans tend to draw attention to the parts of your body covered by bleached material, making them look bigger than they actually are.
  • Don’t wear “mom” jeans. These jeans have a high waist and a wide back side. Even though they tend to be comfortable, they rarely flatter anyone’s figure or body type.

When you are buying jeans, remember that different ones fit people differently. Just because a pair of pants looks good on a rack, or on someone else, it does not mean they are the jeans for you. If you are trying to get people to look somewhere other than your legs or rear end, wear a dark colored pair of pants and a brightly colored top. Remember that darker colors will always give you a more flattering look.


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