Stammer Max® premium compression wear

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The line of Stammer Max® compression wear is a perfect example of where high tech science and clothing have come together perfectly. Clothing which works to your benefit, not simply to protect you from the elements but to help you look and feel fitter than you ever have.

Developed by physical therapists and those involved in various professional sports Stammer Max® shapewear is a collaboration which has resulted in clothing which not only makes you look more toned it actually increases the effectiveness of your workout or sports activity.
The Stammer Max® compression sports shirt increases blood flow to the muscles which means your body is being supplied with oxygen rich blood more effectively. This allows you to work out longer and more efficiently with less strain to muscles. The compression materials used, help maintain correct posture, ensuring the body’s core stays aligned through a variety of movements. For many, especially people who use a computer, correct posture has fallen by the wayside as the shoulders have begun to curve forward and the head and back begin to form a C shape. The Stammer Max® compression wear, through its weaving of fibers helps correct this and assists the user in maintaining better posture whether they are exercising or working at a desk.

The Stammer Max® compression sports shirt

The specially designed fibers used in the construction of the compression shirts allow them to wick the moisture away from the body which keeps the wearer cool and keeps the body from over heating due to exertion. On cool days it retains the heat around your core, helping to soothe any muscle aches before they begin. The thin and unobtrusive shirt can be worn as a base layer or alone. This cleverly designed shirt is seamless which means no matter how many movements you put it through, there is never any annoying rubbing of a seam against the skin.

Here’s the thing, because of their body smoothing effect, many people opt to wear these as a base layer whether they are exercising or not. The technically advanced material compresses the abdomen and waist, resulting in a slimmer and sleeker look.

The Stammer Max® shapewear is suitable for most types of exercise and activities either in the gym or outside. They are ideal for gentle exercises like yoga and Pilates because they’re close fitting and don’t inhibit the freedom of movement. Likewise they are equally well adapted to strenuous sports such as running or downhill skiing. This is where their seam free design comes into its own. As the arms are constantly moving, there’s no irritating rubbing or discomfort from the fabric.

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