Nail Your Accessories With My Tips

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to accessorizing? There are many different styles and choices out there, so you’re definitely not alone. Accessorizing can confuse us at the best of times. Hopefully you’ll feel ready to nail all of your future accessorizing attempts with these tips!

Nail Your Accessories With My Tips |

Consider the Occasion

Your accessories should always match the occasion. What are you doing, and where are you going? If you’re going shopping, for example, a statement necklace might be far too much. It might look great, but you might end up looking overdone. Plus, what will it look like when you’re trying on clothes? If you’re going to a bar for drinks, then you’re going to want to wear more than a pair of stud earrings or a plain ring. Get dressed up and have fun with your accessories!

Find Your Signature Style

One thing I love to do is define my signature style with certain items of clothing and different looks. Everybody is different, so there’s no reason you should copy anybody or wear something just because somebody else wore it. Find your own personal style and you’ll feel much better in everything you wear. Not only that, you’ll find it easier to shop for accessories too. Are you more grunge or glam? Casual or dressed up? Try to define it the best you can.

Make Sure They Add Value

Each accessory you put on should add value to your outfit. If it doesn’t add value, then it should probably go.

Remember That You Don’t Have to Wear Everything

It can be tempting on a night out to throw on all of your favourite jewellery and just be done with it. You love it all, so it must work, right? You need to remember that wearing everything isn’t necessary. Just because your mom bought you that ring or your nan gave you those earrings. doesn’t mean you have to wear them every time you go out. Adding value is the key, as mentioned before.

Nail Your Accessories With My Tips

Don’t Wear Too Many at Once

Wearing too many accessories at once is a quick way to make yourself look cheap and tacky, says Shinola. As Coco Chanel recommended, look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house. This is usually the first thing you notice when you look. This doesn’t always apply, but make sure you’re not over accessorising.

Don’t Be Scared to Mix Metals

Mixing metals is OK as long as you do it properly. For instance, you can wear different metal rings providing you keep them on different fingers. Silver on one finger, and gold on another for example.

Compliment Your Skin Tone

Make sure your accessories compliment your skin tone where possible. Some things can leave us looking washed out, and you won’t look your best this way!
Hopefully you’ll feel more confident when accessorising when you use these tips. Remember, if you like something you should go ahead and wear it regardless of what others say. Have fun experimenting!

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