Dare To Bare?

Don’t worry, nobody’s taking their clothes off! However, as a woman, there’s more to going “au naturel” than leaving your house without your clothes (eek!). Something a little less scary (though not much, for some of us!) can be getting ready in the morning with little to no make-up. But why would you do such a thing? And how?

The Job Interview

There’s no telling the right answer with this one, and it really boils down to using your common sense. Some interviews (MUA, fashion, etc.) would require a well sculpted face with attention to detail in a way that really highlights your best features. However, in a lot of jobs, less really is more. If you’re going for a professional office job or something like that, you don’t want anything to distract from your knowledge and experience, and you want to look like you could fit in anywhere. Sadly, we still have not caught up as a society where a woman can get away with a high-flying career without wearing any at all (let’s face it, we shouldn’t care!), but that doesn’t mean we should show up like we’re auditioning for the theatre every single day. For the interview, just play it safe!

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Your Holiday

You might want to show off a little by the pool and look your best, but mascara smeared down your cheeks doesn’t exactly scream “gorgeous”. To be honest, all it says is look at me – for all the wrong reasons. Heavy foundation is also an absolute no-no. Sadly, even the most cool, calm and collected girl can melt on a scorching day and there’s nothing quite so appealing as droplets of perspiration spoiling an otherwise on-point look. Keep your hair and skin shiny by locking in moisture so it doesn’t dry out, and you’ll be radiant enough regardless.

The Gym

If you didn’t gather from the last point, basically the last place you want a full face is anywhere where you might fall prone to a bit of heavy sweating! According to beauty bible Vogue, it’s actually a huge nightmare for your skin, which needs to be left clear to avoid clogging pores whilst you’re working up that sweat! You should actually cleanse and moisturise before your workout, and if you simply must wear any, keep it seriously light!

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Anything Sports Related

To be honest, if you’re going out to play any sport – even those where there may be people watching – you should probably just avoid make-up altogether. Obviously, there are some exceptions (as anyone who’s ever been a cheerleader or dancer will tell you!), but in general, you’re there to show your awesomeness in ways that extend beyond your looks! And if you simply can’t leave the house without it but you’re an avid sports fan regardless, you can always get involved in sport in other ways such as sitting around doing a spot of football betting that won’t involve you leaving the house, and that you can do wearing your finest false eyelashes!

Would you go without make-up?

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