The 3 Summer Fashion Essentials

UntitledSummer is here! Whether you’re looking for something casual, or clothes that are a little more formal, here are the Top 3 Summer Fashion Essentials that everyone’s talking about this year. Are you ready to find out what they are? Start reading!

The 3 Summer Fashion Essentials

1. Super shades

It’s all about the shades this summer. In fact, a good pair of sunglasses is fashion must-have. When looking for shades, make sure that your sunglasses protect the eyes and offer great protection against the sun. With so many brands, makes, and models out there, it can be difficult to know where to start, but try and pick a neutral shade that will mix and match with whatever your wearing that day. Oversized glasses that look like they cover the face are definitely in, but smaller shades can still look cool – decide what’s best for you based on your personality and budget. Here’s a tip: your shades should flatter your face shape, so try a few different styles before parting with your cash.

2. Bright, flowery skirts

A few years ago, conservative fashion was in. Now’s it all about big, bold, bright shades that really catch attention! When it comes to your skirts, choose flowery designs or geometric shapes that will really make you stand out from the crowd. You won’t want to overdo it, though; remember to wear colourful skirts with neutral tops and shoes otherwise your finished look will appear messy. Your skirts should be long, flowy, and low-maintenance during the summer, and you’ll definitely find a style that suits your personality. When it comes to accessories, try and hold back. Big loops, bracelets and necklaces can clash with your patterned skirt, so be careful!

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3. Choose comfortable shoes

Despite the unpredictability of the British summer, when it does get hot, you’ll want to keep your feet feeling comfortable. So look for the perfect summer flats that will provide plenty of air to your feet. Heels or anything too clumpy is a big no-no – especially when on holiday. Sandals might sound like a fashion nightmare, but there are loads of contemporary styles out there that will do you proud. Many people make the mistake of wearing shoes that are too small during the summer, which can make their feet sore and uncomfortable. If you’re struggling to fit your feet in your summer shoes, it’s probably best to get the next size up. Say goodbye to blisters with sensible, comfortable shoes for the summer!

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