#DareToBeGorgeous with #SkinnyMint TeaTox Teas

SkinnyMint TeaTox teas are something that I have heard and read a lot and from time to time, pics featuring SkinnyMint products, pop into my Instagram feed. I was curious how these teas taste and work and when I was contacted from SkinnyMint and offered 28 Day TeaTox program for review, then I was super excited about the opportunity.

SkinnyMint TeaTox


In case you are not familiar with SkinnyMint products then before my SkinnyMint TeaTox review here is what it is and what it is promised to do.

SkinnyMint 28 Day TeaTox program is a 2 step (Morning Boost Tea and Night Cleanse Tea) natural detox program. The Morning Boost Tea is formulated so, it can give you energy in the morning and naturally reduce appetite. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana, and a cup of Morning Cleanse contains about 80% caffeine compared to a cup of coffee. The Night Cleanse Tea contains all natural ingredients to help to naturally purify the body and reduce bloating. The Night Time Cleanse contains Senna which may have a mild laxative effect!
#DareToBeGorgeous with SkinnyMint TeaTox Teas

My SkinnyMint 28 TeaTox program teas arrived quickly. I received two bags with tea – the morning tea and night-time tea. There’s 28 tea bags in Morning Boost teas bag and 14 in the Night Cleanse one (because you will have to drink that one every other day 😉 ) Both teas have sweet, bit fruity scent that just smells so yummy!

SkinnyMint TeaTox review

Both teas also taste very good! SkinnyMint Morning Boost is nice replacement for coffee and works almost as well as coffee. What I loved about Morning Boost Tea was that it actually really reduced my appetite and I didn’t have so many cravings for sweets in the afternoons. The Night Cleanse tea was just so perfect for ending my day. It tasted good and I always like to have nice hot cup of tea before bed time 🙂

SkinnyMint TeaTox review

During my 28 Day programme I had more energy and less cravings for chocolate and ice cream <- I LOVE that stuff 😛 🙁 Because of senna I was afraid that maybe I will have to visit bathroom too often, but I didn’t really notice anything unusual. I really liked that when I was drinking SkinnyMint Teatox teas then I didn’t have problems with bloating, even if I ate some foods that usually make me feel like a balloon 🙂

When it comes to weight loss, then unfortunately I didn’t really lose any weight 🙁 But I guess it is too naive to hope that in order to lose some weight, all you have to do is drink tea 😀 So not losing any kilograms is my fault, because I didn’t go jogging very often and different parties and barbeques with friends didn’t help either 😀

Overall I enjoyed y experience with SkinnyMint TeaTox 28 Day Programme. Even though I didn’t lose any weight, I …

  • … had more energy
  • … my tummy looked flatter
  • … didn’t have problems with bloating
  • … didn’t have cravings for sweets

You can read more about SkinnyMint TeaTox teas and order them at skinnymint.com


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