How to Buy Lingerie According to Your Body Type

How to Buy Lingerie According to Your Body Type


Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, every woman should own lingerie. It’s versatile, and can be tailored to your shape, mood, personality and lifestyle, all of which bring out your inner sexiness. But the most important thing to remember about lingerie is to wear what’s comfortable and not to wear those delicates as a way to impress others. Your comfort is crucial in building confidence when it comes to your body.

Like any other types clothing, there are certain styles that suit different body types. For those buying intimate wear for the first time or looking to find more items to accentuate their figure, here are a few pointers.

For the apple-shaped woman
By definition, the apple body shape pertains to ladies with a wide waistline measurement, with their hips and bust a bit narrower in comparison. They should opt for one-piece garments like bodysuits. Refinery29 say that bodysuits with deep V-necks are tasteful and help show off cleavage. Women with larger busts should consider underwire options for extra support.


For the slim build
For girls without curves, you can easily create the illusion of an hourglass figure with a lacy push-up bra and a thong with ruffle detail, as shown on V-cut panties as well as high cuts will add a little extra to your shape, and feminine finishing and touches, such as embroidered lace and bows, can also give you a curvaceous appearance.

For the curvy lady
With a limited amount of material used to produce lingerie, finding undergarments that offer the right support but still look provocative can be difficult to come across. The secret is knowing your bust type, as it will make shopping a whole lot easier. Women’s Health Magazine explain that demi cups and boyshorts are cute and pretty, yet still practical. Additionally, an alternative to wearing boyshorts is to invest in some high-waisted briefs.


For the athlete
Lingerie experts at Bluebella recommend that ladies with athletic bodies purchase items with lots of detail to emphasize their femininity. Lacy garments are a great place to start. The flirty design of bralettes can soften the shape of a strong build, which can be paired with fitted bottoms. Lacy bandeaus could work for this body type, but it needs to offer some lift to draw attention to your bust.


For the expecting mother
Often, pregnant women don’t feel confident enough to wear lingerie, but the beauty of wearing intimates is that they can make you feel sexy, no matter what shape or size you are. The key to shopping for maternity lingerie is finding items that can accommodate the changes you’ll undergo throughout the pregnancy. Anything with an empire waist, such as a babydoll, will really show off your best assets. According to the lingerie buying guide on Adam & Eve, babydolls also work really well to hide problem areas like your hips and stomach, perfect for the expectant mother. Other garments that accentuate your beautiful figure include bra-and-panty sets and luxe loungewear.


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