4 Makeup Life Hacks for a Girl with Glasses

4 Makeup Life Hacks for a Girl with Glasses


For all the girls, who are wearing glasses every day and can’t get contact lenses because of some reasons, makeup routine can get a little bit unpleasant. How to look great, put together and still make your eyes pop under glasses is the main dilemma for all girls who wear it. So one day I just decided to search for some tips how to make makeup work for these girls even more and then I wanted to share my experience too. Let’s not forget what no matter what features we have, we can always look great and make ourselves confident as well.

Play With Your Lips

Because your eyes are a little bit hidden underneath glasses, you can bravely focus on your lips. Play with brighter colors and make your lips be the main feature of your face. Just be sure to get the right shade for it. While shopping for lipstick try it in a store and see which one suits your face best. Usually, your instincts tell you best, so trust it all and you will look great for sure.

Don’t Forget Brows

To make your face brighter and your features stand out more, make sure that your brows are shaped and colored well too. No matter if your eyeglasses hide them a little bit, you still need to take additional care for it. Correctly shaped and colored brows will perfectly frame your eyes and also will help you create more completed makeup look. You can either try to shape it by yourself, or in a beauty salon, but make sure that a shape you want them to be, really suits your face. Also, you can either color it every day with special pencils or mascara, or you can use permanent dye. Again, no matter which way you choose, paint your brows one shade darker to your hair to make your eyes behind glasses more stand out.

Do a Cat Eye Makeup

With this type of makeup you can easily create the shape you want for your eyes to be and change it by your mood or occasions. Experiment to find the best angle and shape for you and make your eyes brighter too. Also, if your frames are bold, don’t be afraid to use bold liner. This way your eyes will be the centre piece of your face and will make you have enough contrast in the right area. On the other hand, if you have rimless glasses, then try a double winded line to make your eyes even more popped out.

Always Apply Concealer

The final tip for girls who wear glasses is one of the most necessary ones. Because glasses make a little shadow under your eyes, always apply a little bit of concealer to hide and lighten up your darkness under eye circles. On the other hand, if you use lenses, it can actually magnify those circles and make them more obvious. So always consider using brightening concealer. Tap it underneath your eyes with a dusting of setting powder on top and you are ready to go! Now you look fresh and well rested for sure.

Now another quest would be to find all these items at the price range you have. You can actually find some of high-quality makeup products from your local Target store or online. But shopping online has more benefits, because of various online Target coupons and deal codes to use. It will reduce the price of every item you want and will ease your daily makeup routine too.

So get all the items you need or just renew your makeup bag and start exploring new ways to improve your look underneath glasses. Always look fresh and put together just by rightly putting your makeup.


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