June in Instagram pics & some great beauty posts from this week

It’s July and so maybe it is right time for my little Instagram roundup.

So in June I shared with my followers these pics …..

june in instagram pics

  • I needed a new handbag for Royal Ascot. I wanted something not too small and not too big and I also wanted something that would add a little bit of color to my outfit and something that I can use in the future too with different outfits. So I ended up ordering Michael Kors Dillon handbag from HouseofFraser.co.uk. Since I needed this bag rather fast then I paid extra for the next day delivery. Unfortunately House of Fraser next day delivery is a SERIOUS JOKE(!), because I didn’t receive anything on Friday (I ordered on Thursday morning) but it came on Saturday :@ :S
  • We had an amazing opportunity to visit Bowood House in Wiltshire (UK). It was beautiful place.
  • And in early June our village had a village fete. The weather was lovely and it was interesting to see this kind of village fete.

june in instagram pics

  • The highlight of June, for me, was of course Royal Ascot. Royal Ascot is Britain’s most important 5 day race event with more than 300 years of history and it is also a great opportunity to just show yourself and your fancy outfit 😀
  • And also Royal Ascot is a great opportunity to see Queen Elizabeth II 🙂
  • Last week there was finally a beach weather and so we went West Wittering Beach in West Sussex, England.


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