Get Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Look


Get Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Look

If you are a fan of pop music, you’ve likely experienced the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift’s video for the song “Bad Blood.” If you haven’t seen it yet then you have to check the video out on You Tube. Taylor Swift sports several fierce looks in the video, all of which convey her strong image and music style. We are going to focus on how achieve her toughest look, complete with intense cat eyes and a bold lip color.

Get Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Look


Create a Clean Palette

Using an airbrush system, create a clean foundation for your whole face. This gives you a complete coverage that will become the base for this dramatic Taylor Swift look. Don’t forget to add concealer on the areas that need special attention, such as under the eyes. Finish by setting the whole face with powder to help avoid creasing.

Intense Eyes

Applying the eye makeup will be the most complicated part of achieving the “Bad Blood” look, but if you follow these steps, you’ll do just fine.

  • Apply a white base to the eyelid using a shadow primer
  • Add a warm brown to the crease of your lid, winging it out slightly toward the end of the brow
  • Deepen that color by blending in a layer of a darker mocha color
  • Add a medium brown to the lid, plus a darker brown to the outer lash line
  • Combine a warm brown and magenta for the under eye color
  • Draw in the dramatic wing using a liquid eyeliner
  • Use a black kohl pencil to deepen the color under the eye and in the crease of the lid
  • Apply false eyelashes or several coats of mascara to your nature eyelashes

Brows and Cheeks

Miss Swift is rocking a pretty strong brow in the music video, so if your eyebrows are spotty or light, fill them in with the appropriate color. Be sure to create a strong arch for the shape to help create her feline look. Cheeks should be highly contoured to highlight your bone structure.

Deep Red Lip

Nude lip colors have been the trend for years, so it’s all the more noteworthy that Swift has a dark red lip color in the music video. Here’s how to achieve her 3-D look:

  • Apply a primer or foundation to your lips
  • Choose your favorite dark red shade and cover the whole lip
  • Using a lighter, brighter red color, add highlights to the center of the bottom lip
  • Cover your lips with a tissue and apply powder to set the color

And you’ re done!

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