Blow dry your hair like a pro with Centrix Heat Boss Brush

When it comes to blow drying my hair then I try to do it as seldom as possible. And if I blow dry my hair then I usually just flip my hair over and dry it upside down to get more voluminous hair. A few weeks ago I received Centrix Heat Boss Brush from, which lets you control the heat while you are blow drying your hair.

Centrix Heat Boss Brush


Centrix Heat Boss brush has:

  • patent-pending static free Ceramic, Tourmaline, Ionic infused bristles that can take the extreme heat up to 290C
  • luxurious chrome plated seamless barrel that lets you achieve smooth polished finish
  • contoured handle
  • heat force dial that lets you control the heat. When you are styling medium to thick hair then keep the heat force dial closed so you’ll trap the heat.

Centrix Heat Boss Brush

Heat Boss brush is really great brush and I would have never thought that this kind of brush will be a must-have for me when blow drying my hair. I have to be honest with you – when I first saw this brush then I didn’t have much belief in it and I was scared that my hair will just get dangled between the bristles 😀 But after the first use it was pretty clear that I had underestimated Heat Boss brush and it actually lives up to its promises.

You can use Heat Boss brush for different hair styles: curls, relaxed waves and of course sleek straight hair. I have so far used it mostly for straight hair only.

How I use my Centrix Heat Boss Brush

Centrix Heat Boss Brush

  • I wash and towel dry my hair
  • Then I brush and spray heat protection spray onto my hair
  • Next I section my hair and start blow drying them (I lost the nozzle of my blow dryer so at the moment I have to manage without it 😛 ) section by section starting from the bottom layers.

I have enjoyed using Heat Boss brush. I love how it glides through my hair and helps to dry my hair faster. Usually after blow drying I have to use straighteners to achieve sleek hair, then after I started using Heat Boss I can skip that part, because my hair looks and feels sleek and straight and I have no problems with static in my hair 🙂

Centrix Heat Boss Brush

Overall I’m very happy that I was offered an opportunity to try Heat Boss and as I mentioned before it has become one of my must-have hair styling tools.

Centrix Heat Boss brushes are available at

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