My Favorite Brow Products

There was a time when brow products were not part of my everyday makeup routine. Why? I don’t even know why – I guess I didn’t think it necessary and I had seen too many unnatural looking eyebrows and I didn’t want mine to end looking like that. At some point I started testing some eyebrow products mainly to just keep my brows in place all day. I tried different products and some of them were good, but not really good enough that I would have repurchased them. But …. two years ago I stumbled on a product that I fell in love with and so today I’m showing you my favorite brow products.

My favorite brow products

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On the photo above you can see my three favorite brow products that I use almost every day for the last two years. Unbelievable!

e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Light

This e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Light is my third one in that shade and I also have used one in shade Ash (see post here). I just love love love this kit, because

  • it is convenient to use. The brow gel helps to define and shape brows and brow powder sets the color in place.
  • helps to achieve natural looking brows
  • it doesn’t cost a fortune, especially when I buy it during sales
  • when usually the tiny brushes that come with eyebrow kits are pretty useless and sometimes just horrible, then the ones that come with this kit (and that I have managed to lose πŸ˜€ ) actually work. They are tiny, but at least they work.
  • my brows stay in place all day and even survive rainy days and workouts πŸ™‚

my favorite brow products

Royal & Langnickel Brow/Lash Groomer C521-S is a tool that I sort of hated at first. The spooly part looked like a typical spooly brush ever and the other side with metal comb just looked terrifying and I actually managed to poke my eyes with it first couple of times πŸ˜€ But the more I used it the more I liked it, because it is truly 2-in-1 product – the spooly part is for brows and comb part for lashes. So instead of two tools I can only use one. Yay! I use it every day and it performs really well.

my favorite eyebrow products

Royal & Langnickel Angled Brow brush BC491 is another essential tool for me and no other angled brow brush has so far been as good as this one. It has just the right size and it is great for both applying the brow gel and brow powder. I have had this brush for 2.5 years in everyday use and to tell you the truth I am amazed that it is still in rather good shape and it hasn’t shed at all!


So these three products are a very important part of my everyday makeup routine and I absolutely love them! Which are your favorite brow products?

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