Get your feet ready for sandal season

Spring is here and weather is getting finally warmer and warmer every day 🙂 Warmer spring days also mean that we can hide our boots and start wearing those lovely sandals and comfy flip-flops again. BUT that also means, that it’s about time to start pampering your feet and get ready for that sandal season.

Get your feet ready for sandal season


If you want to pamper your feet then you have two options: you either go to a salon and leave it to professionals or you can do your pedi at home yourself. I’m one of those ladies who prefers doing my own pedi at home and so I need the right products to get the perfect result. ClearZal kindly sent me a box full of foot care products and so today I’m sharing with you my thoughts of them along with my pedicure routine.

pedicure routine

My pedicure routine once a week

1. If I have painted my toe nails, then I’ll start with removing the old polish. For that I use nail polish remover and cotton pads. pamper your feet

2. Next I soak my feet. For that I use a plastic bowl with warm water and ClearZal Tea Tree Foot Soak, that is promised to cleanse, soften and condition feet eliminating the germs that may cause foot and nail infections. I’m used to foot soaks that foam, but this one is non-foaming and it has pretty strong Eucalyptus and Tea Tree scent. It refreshes my feet nicely and makes them soft again.

pedicure routine3. After soaking my feet for 10 or more minutes I use ClearZal Exfoliating Scrub and/or ClearZal Foot File. The Exfoliating Scrub has pleasant scent and it contains tiny exfoliating particles and it feels really gentle on skin. I use ClearZal foot scrub more often than just once a week, because I like how soft and moisturised my feet after using it. Even though it is foot scrub then I also dried it as a hand scrub for couple of times and it worked well for that too.

ClearZal foot file


Double-sided ClearZal Foot File is very effective for removing and reducing calluses, and rough and dry skin and in my opinion it lives up to its promises. This foot file as good and convenient size and two coarse sides that work well on both wet or dry skin. I like that I can easily wash the file after using and I hope it will last as long as my previous similar products.

pamper your feet4. Once my feet are nice and smooth it is time to trim the nails. For that I use ClearZal Nail Clippers and Femell nail file. These nail clippers are made of fine stainless steel to ensure a quality. ClearZal nail clippers are convenient to use and work well. They look and feel pretty sturdy and so I hope they won’t break after a few uses.pedicure routine

5. Time to moisturise my feet. For that ClearZal has very good cream –  Foot Food. It is promised to nourish feet and my experiences so far are nothing but great with it. Foot Food keeps my heels soft and moisturised. This is very rich cream and it has quite strong lavender scent. ClearZal Foot Food will last long, because you’ll need only a small amount of product. If you use too much then it won’t absorb completely and you’ll end up with slippery feet.


pedicure routine6. After moisturising I add a final finishing touch to my pedicure and that is of course nail polish. I first apply a layer of base coat, because I don’t want a coloured nail polish to stain my own nails, plus base coat helps to smoothen the nail surface. Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes are great for toe nails, because they do dry pretty quickly. I usually finish painting my toe nails with a layer of top coat.


So this was my weekly pedicure routine, but there are some other products I use almost every day.

ClearZal Busy FeetClearZal Silk Busy Feet créme is promised to instantly cool, freshen and rejuvenate tired feet. It contains menthol and so I imagined it to be be really cooling and refreshing. When I used it for the very first time then I was disappointed that I instantly didn’t get that cooling sensation …it just took a couple of minutes 🙂 Busy Feet créme works nicely and even though I have to wait a couple of minutes for the cooling feeling then it is totally worth of waiting and it works wonders on tired feet. And also it moisturises nicely!

ClearZal Foot Sanitiser


ClearZal Foot Sanitiser comes in a spray bottle and is promised to kill 99.9% of the fungus and bacteria that may cause those unpleasant foot infections. It can be used on the feet, socks or shoes. I have no idea if it really kills so much fungus and bacteria, but I do like this foot sanitiser. You all probably know what will happen if you wear a pair of shoes or training shoes A LOT – they start stinking at some point. So I had a pair of training shoes that I’ve worn a lot and so they had this kind of unpleasant odour. I decided to test this spray on those trainers and you know what? ClearZal Foot Sanitiser neutralised the scent! Yay!

ClearZal Foot CleanserClearZal Foot Cleanser contains tea tree oil and it’s promised to 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses that may cause foot infections. This is great everyday foot cleanser! I absolutely recommend it for those who go to gyms, spas and pools, because the last thing you wish to get from those places is some nasty foot infection. I’ve used a couple of times so far I like it 🙂




Overall I’m very pleased with ClearZal foot care products and if you want your feet to be ready for sandals and flip-flops then I definitely recommend giving these products a try!

You can find more information about all these products from ClearZal website

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