Last Minute Easter Nail Art ideas

If just painting your nails seems boring then here are 4 simple last-minute Easter nail art ideas for you. All these four designs are by me and what’s even better three of them come with tutorial 😉

Last Minute Easter Nail Art ideas

Easter and bunnies belong together. Bunnies bring chocolate eggs to those who deserve them. This Easter bunny nail art is from last year. This is really simple and there are many ways for creating them.

Next Easter nail art idea is of course Easter chicks. This is also very simple design and so I think it would be great for beginners.

When I think of Easter then lambs are something  that I usually don’t associate with it. But actually lambs are related with Easter and therefore little lamb design is perfect for Easter nail art.

If drawing or painting bunnies, chicks and lambs isn’t your cup of tea then there is always an option to do a nail art inspired of coloured eggs. There are many techniques for coloring them: using onion peelings, drawing patterns, using special egg paints etc. When it comes to patterns then think about tribal prints, zigzags and why not dots. Here is one idea – for this design I used saran wrap technique and dots. Even though this is not Easter manicure then it still reminds me of colorful eggs 🙂

Unfortunately this year I don’t have any fresh Easter manicures to show you, because this week was very busy and so I just didn’t have time to come up with something new 🙁

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