FOTD: Fancy dinner makeup

A couple of weeks ago we went to a fancy dinner and so today I’m showing you my makeup for that event. For my fancy dinner makeup I didn’t do anything extra ordinary – just simple eye makeup using some of my favorite makeup products and simple face. (I think I’m using word ‘simple’ too much 😀 )

fancy dinner makeup

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fancy dinner makeup

What I used

When it comes to my hair then I used my new Trevor Sorbie Keratin+Argan Multi Wand with the conical curls attachment for the curls. I have used it three times by now and I absolutely love it! Curling my hair is a headache, because my hair is naturally as straight as straight can be. But with this multi wand and with some hairspray I can get curls that last at least 24 hours 😀 Yay!

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