6 common weight loss mistakes you should avoid

6 common weight loss mistakes you should avoid

6 common weight loss mistakes you should avoid

Nowadays many people need to lose weight to stay fit and healthy. Weight gain leads to the obesity which has become one of the worst diseases and a cause of other health problems like diabetes. People try different things for losing weight like gym, doing exercises, proper diet, running and many other things. But sometimes after a hard work and tough routine, instead of losing weight, you start gaining weight due to some common mistakes.

1. Skipping meal

Many people skip meals when they are on a diet, because they think that eating less will help them lose weight. But actually it is a bad idea. Skipping meals on regular basis makes your body to work on low calories and fewer amounts of calories will be burnt. After achieving your target weight; once you’ll be back on your usual routine of eating more, it will be difficult for you to manage your weight, because your body requires less calories to work. Fewer amount of calories will be burntl and in the end all your efforts to lose weight, will be wasted and you will start gaining weight again.

Most people start skipping their breakfast for weight lost and start drinking juice for breakfast. It is a big mistake that ruins all your efforts. Researches say that the person eating  breakfast regularly are more likely to be fit and healthy as compared to the person skipping breakfast. One more thing if you skip breakfast, it will be difficult for you to work all the day. In the end you have to eat quarter more in the lunch time to overcome your hunger that ruins your diet plan and you will start weight gain again.

2. Drinking less water

Some people start drinking less water, because they think that it will help them to lose weight. Our body needs water in a proper ratio. Drinking more water helps our body functions to work more efficiently. Water is important because it helps to flush toxins out of our vital organs; carries nutrients to our cells etc.

3. Relying on crash diet

It is a common mistake that people start relying on crash diets to lose weight. Your plan calls for nothing but grapefruit and cabbage soup each day. You train your metabolism to slow down by using fewer amounts of calories. But once your diet is over, you have a body that burn calories slowly. In the end you will start gaining weight.

4. Stopping workout after achieving goal weight

When you start losing weight, you try to do this as quickly as possible, but it is a long process and needs proper management of everything. Many people start their weightloss with lot of workout and exercise many hours a day. Once they have achieved their goal they’ll stop working out and then they’ll start gaining weight again. To overcome these mistakes prepare a proper plan and fix hours for exercises and don’t stop exercising when you have achieved your goal.

5. Less sleep at night

People trying to lose weight decrease their rest time and sleep less at night. Sleep has direct relation to the hormones in the body. Less sleep increases fat deposit in the body. Hence instead of losing weight, they start gaining it.

6. Don’t underestimate yourself

An overweight person feels discomfort in his daily life and thinks that it is difficult to lose weight. This thinking leads to the depression. If you are overweight then don’t worry – start doing easy exercises (like walking) and start eating healthier. Don’t give up if you don’t see results in a week or month – it will just take time. I would also suggest searching for supportive groups (for example on Facebook) where people support each other on their road to weight loss and share useful information. It is also worth checking out 5th Element Wellness that can help you achieve your dream weight.

And what’s most importnat: Don’t underestimate yourself – YOU CAN DO IT!

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