Michael Todd Soniclear accessories

In early January I shared with you my review of Michael Todd Soniclear (see post here) and so today I have two Soniclear accessories to show you, that will make using your Soniclear more convenient.

Soniclear accessories


When I was offered these two products for the review then at first I wasn´t sure if I even need them, but I still decided to give  them a try. I received Soniclear Travel Case and Extension Handle for Body Brush about a month ago. To be honest I´m actually pleasantly surprised, because for example the body brush handle has become my must have gadget when using Soniclear for my body.

Soniclear accessories


Soniclear Travel Case is pale purple plastic case for your Soniclear. The case is made of lightweight sturdy plastic and it has nice simple design. Since I haven´t travelled much lately, then I haven´t used this hard shell for Soniclear very often. I like that Soniclear Travel Case is made of quality plastic and so I can be sure that my Soniclear brush will be well protected from the dust and scratching. Btw Soniclear will only fit in this case if it has face brush attached. With body brush unfortunately it won´t fit.

Soniclear Travel Case


Soniclear Body Brush Extension Handle is designed to help you more comfortably cleanse the back, legs, knees, and feet. The extension handle arrived in two pieces that you first have to screw together and then you´ll have to insert your Soniclear brush.

I LOVE it! It makes cleansing my back so much more convenient I don´t have to do some weird stretching/yoga exercises to reach my back. Soniclear Body Brush Extension Handle is well made and it will not get slippery when used under shower.

Soniclear Body Brush Extension Handle


Overall these two Soniclear accessories are really nice products to use with your antibacterial Soniclear skin cleansing system. Both of these products are available on www.michaeltoddusa.com and they retail for 25$ each.

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