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partneredpostWhen I was pregnant with little mr.R then my biggest issue was my weight, which I gained in horrific speed :S I was just 2 months pregnant when I had already gained over 5kg and before giving birth I had gained over 23 kg and I knew that losing it will not be easy, even though my mom was all the time telling me how she lost all her baby weight (7kg 😛 ) in just one day. Well you can probably imagine that there is no way you can lose 23kg in just one day.

Well the day after giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I still looked pretty pregnant and when I got home with him 2 days later and stepped on the scale, then the number that I saw was just as awful as I had feared – I still had to get rid of 17kg. But I knew that many women lose their baby weight thanks to breastfeeding and so I wasn´t worried …. One month went by and another one and the sad truth was, that my weight loss was minimal 🙁 But there was no way that I would give up just like this, because I was determined to get back my pre-pregnancy weight and be in even better shape than ever before 😛

When I was struggling with my baby weight then I considered different options: using some weight loss supplements or tea, personal eating and training program, some magic fat burn diet etc. I decided to go with personalized diet plan. But today mothers have another great option to choose from –  FitTea PostNatal Fatburner

FitTea PostNatal Fatburner herbal supplement safely increases your metabolism, burns fat and even increases milk production. FitTea Postnatal Fatburner´s has patented formula that is safe to use while breastfeeding and so you can safely shed that baby weight and get back your body! FitTea PostNatal Fatburner is 100% all natural. It doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine and it doesn’t have any compound that would be hazardous to the health of your infant. This is one supplement that’s good for you and your baby at the same time!

FitTea PostNatal Fatburner is:

  • Safe, effective and 100% natural
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Produces more lactation
  • Thermogenic fat burner
  • Contains no caffeine or stimulants
  • Supports healthy weight loss

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