How to tame the mess in your handbag?

So you love big handbags where you can throw half of your life, starting from your keys, phone, essential cosmetics to everything else – in my case a couple of my son´s toy cars or other toys. And if you try to find something from that mess, it seems mission impossible. Sounds familiar? Well there is a solution for taming that mess in your handbag 😉

How to tame the mess in your handbag?


On the photo above you can see the typical mess in my biggest handbag. It does have a couple of pockets inside, but there clearly isn´t enough of them and so pretty often my keys, car keys, phone, pens and lip glosses are somewhere in the bottom of the bag and it takes time to find them. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted from Insjö and offered one of their bagINbag bag organizer for a review. I said YES to that offer very quickly, because I have been looking for a bag organizer and so far I haven´t found the one I would like.

My Insjö Saimaa Tuuli Chocolate Brown bagINbag bag organizer arrived nicely packed. It has 4 pockets outside and 8 pockets inside + one with a zipper.

Insjö bagINbag bag organizer

I took all the photos on Sunday and so on Sunday, in my biggest handbag were all these items: phone, notebook, book, sunglasses, 3 packs of tissues (don´t ask why so many 😀 probably because I couldn´t find the one(s) I already had in my bag and I just threw a new pack in my bag 😛 ), wallet, keys, 2 pens and a pencil, 2 lip balms and 2 lip glosses (again – why so many?), powder, gloves, nail file, my son´s toy car etc etc etc.

tame the mess in your handbag

And here is little before and after from my bag. On the after pic everything is nicely organized and I don´t have to dig to the bottom of my bag to find what I´m looking for.

tame the mess in your handbag

Insjö bagINbag bag organizer

I love that this Insjö bag organizer has handles so I can easily take it out from one bag and put it in another one.

tame the mess in your handbag

But the problem with the keys? Well Insjö has great solution for that problem too 🙂 You can order their key ring so you can clip your keys to your bagINbag bag organizer. I received Lenkki Leather Beige key ring. So all I have to do is clip one end to the bag organizer (either in one of the inside pocket or outside pocket) and the other end goes to my keys. You can also clip one end of Lenkki to your bagINbag or wallet and the another end to any part of your handbag, so you don´t have to worry about your wallet or bagINNbag getting stolen. Amazing!

Insjö Lenkki Leather Beige

My overall experience with Insjö bag organizer and key ring has been great so far! I love that all my stuff is now nicely oragnized and I don´t have to spend time on digging in the bottom of my handbag to find a missing keys or phone or my son´s toy cars. This bagINbag organizer has really great quality and I think it will last a long time.

Do I recommend it? Oh yes! If you love those big tote bags then I think you will need Insjö bagINbag organizer in your life to tame the mess in your handbag 🙂

Insjö has a special surprise to all my lovely readers from the EU: free shipping with code PHVI9. This code is valid 06/02/2015 until 28/02/2015! Place your order

Insjö is a Finnish company and Insjö means “inland” in some Nordic languages and refers to inland water. They offer different bagINbag bag organizers in different colors and key rings. All their orders will be shipped in 7 business days. Shipping within Finland takes 3 days; EU shipping takes up to 7 business days and International shipping takes up to 12 business days.

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