Groupon nail polish fail

Most of you have probably heard about Groupon – a website that offers great deals. Well this week I stumbled on a China Glaze nail polishes offer (16.99£ for 10 nail polishes) which seemed really great one and so I decided to order it. I made the order on Wednesday and today (Saturday) the parcel arrived. I was very happy, because it is always nice to receive some new nail polishes 😛

Well, I started opening the box and the first thing I could smell was nail polish??? I opened the box and just as I had feared one of the bottles was broken and the nail polish was everywhere. And I´m not really surprised. Basically the nail polishes just had been thrown in the box with a piece of plastic bubble wrap and piece of brown wrapping paper. I mean really? I´d like to know what the **** was the person who packed this thinking? That this little piece of paper and plastic will prevent the nail polishes from moving and keep them safe? Really???? Fail! My dear Groupon, this is what I call major fail!

groupon nail polish fail

So now there are two options. 1. Clean rest of the polishes and live with it or 2. return the parcel and ask for refund or new polishes. The funny thing with the returning the parcel is that according to Groupon site I have to pack the goods so they wouldn´t get damaged while shipped back. Well so as I understand I have to carefully pack the polishes so they wouldn´t break, but THEY can just throw them in the box and send them my way? Arghhhh….. Ridiculous!


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