Beautiful and budget friendly jewellery from Charmtoday

The last two Thursdays I have shown you earrings. Today I don´t have earrings to show you, but I do have some gorgeous fashion jewellery from Charmtoday 😉

jewellery from Charmtoday

PR sample; All opinions are my own


Charmtoday is, according to their websitea leading global online retail and wholesale supplier of different fashion jewellery (necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, jewellery sets etc), lifestyle products and other items. Their aim is to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy jewellery at factory prices along with highly professional customer service to their customers all over the world.

statement bracelet from Charmtoday

I received two pieces of fashion jewellery from Charmtoday. The first one is really eye-catching statement bracelet. When I saw it one the Charmtoday website then I instantly knew I have to have this one. It just looks so cool!

statement bracelet from Charmtoday

Unfortunately the one I received does have two minor defects. Firstly one of the chain links is not well made, but luckily I can easily just remove that link and so it won´t be that much of a problem. The other fault is glue stains. Luckily those stains are tiny and if you don´t know that they are there then you won´t even notice them 🙂

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Second product that I received is this necklace. It is available in three colors: gold, rose gold and silver. As you can see I chose the one in gold. This gold and glaze necklace looks really pretty and is just this perfect little something to make outfit complete. It looks pretty and it has just right amount of bling for me 🙂 Love it!

Gold and glaze necklace from Charmtoday

Overall I´m happy with the jewellery I received from Charmtoday and I like that the package didn´t take forever to arrive, but was here in less than two weeks 🙂

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