My workout routine

You all probably know that since October I have been using a cross trainer from Hire Fitness, but what I haven´t shared with you is my workout routine.

So if I don´t go jogging and stay at home and use my cross trainer then my workout routine looks like something this:

  • I start with a cardio – workout on cross trainer. I love the 4th program,which is a Fat Burn program. It starts really easy and then gets harder and harder and then it gets easier again. It will take 30 minutes to complete it, but if I have more time then I sometimes do it twice (total of 60 minutes).
  • Next I will do some exercises for my abs. I start with 1 minute plank and then continue with crunches (25x) and reverse crunches (25x). Next I do side plank (30 sec/side).
  • I finish my workout with stretching.

So this is my very simple workout routine. I´m sure that fitness experts are probably thinking right now “what the **** is she doing” and “that´s all so wrong”, but oh well that´s how I do it and so far it has worked fine 😛

Btw 0n Sunday I got some Focus T25 videos and so soon I will give them a try. They don´t seem very difficult, but I´m pretty sure that I´m very very very wrong 😛 and I´ll be dead after the first workout 😀

Workout routine

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