Rimmel 311 Spring Yellow

On my nails this week has been this pretty yellow Rimmel 311 Spring Yellow nail polish. Most of the yellow polishes I own at the moment need at least two coats for opaque result and so when I ordered this one from fragrgancedirect.co.uk then I was hoping that maybe this one would be the one that needs just one or maximum two coats for pretty result. So is Rimmel Spring Yellow the one? Read on …

Rimmel 311 Spring Yellow

On my nails you can see three coats of Rimmel 311 Spring Yellow applied over OPI Nail Envy. I did not use any top coat.

Rimmel 311 Spring Yellow

Rimmel Spring Yellow is pretty yellow nail polish. When it comes to its formula then I´m not very fond of it 🙁 In one coat it looked really sheer and uneven. Second coat did look a bit better, but still uneven and there was visible nail line. The third coat… Well the third coat is opaque 🙂 But I can still see uneven spots here and there 🙁 I hoped that this polish would suit for nail art, but because it is so sheer then unfortunately it is only suitable as a base for nail art.

Overall I do like the shade of this yellow polish, but it´s formula isn´t really my cup of tea.

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