Isvara Organics Coffee Sugar Body Polish

Do you love coffee? Then I think my today´s post about Isvara Organics Coffee Sugar Body Polish is something for you. I ordered this body scrub from iHerb last October and I love it!

Isvara Organics Coffee Sugar Body Polish

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Isvara Organics Coffee Sugar Body Polish is promised to leave exfoliate, smooth and invigorate skin.

Ingredients: Certified organic coffee grinds, certified organic turbindo sugar, certified organic simmondsis chinensis (jojoba oil), prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel oil), apricot kernel meal, pure cosmetic clay, certified organic prunis dulcis (sweet almond oil), certified organic vanilla extract, absolute vanilla.

Isvara Organics Coffee Sugar Body Polish

This body polish looks very different from the ones I´ve used so far. Usually body scrubs remind some sort of cream or gel or body butter that contain exfoliating particles. Well this coffee sugar body polish looks like a grounded coffee mixed with sugar – it is grainy and so when you apply it on your wet skin then there isn´t anything to hold that mixture together, if you know what I mean. So using it was a bit tricky and after using it there was usually some mess in my bathroom. I thought that maybe those exfoliating coffee and sugar particles are harsh on skin, but actually they are not.

Well even though I´m not fond of this body polish´s texture I do LOVE its scent! It smells like coffee with sugar 😀 And it makes my skin so nice and smooth. The coffee scent will fade once the skin is dry.

This body scrub is available at where it costs 12.24$.

If you haven´t ordered from iHerb before then use iHerb discount code ROH837 to save up to 10$ from your very first order! And there is an extra discount for orders over 40$.

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