Birchbox UK January 2015

Two weeks ago I received this month´s Birchbox UK beauty box. This is my sixth and probably last Birchbox. The theme for this month´s box was Hit Refresh.

Birchbox UK January 2015

Purchased by me; Affiliate links; all opinions my own

This month´s box is promised to be full of all-star samples from revitalising body treats to an antioxidant super-tea, to a nifty workout band and whole host of fortifying skin treats.

Birchbox UK January 2015

In my Birchbox UK January box were this time 

  • activbod Feel Great Shower Concentrate contains refreshing sea minerals and green tea that mingle with soothing almond oil for and energising post-workout shower. This rejuvenating wash deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin while its uplifting fragrance of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon leaves your mind and body restored. I have used it once so far and I like this shower concentrate a lot! It really refreshed my skin nicely and gave me some new energy.
  • REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is promised to be radiance in a tube. This bioactive peel mask renews the complexion in minutes with a cocktail of natural fruit extracts gently sloughing away dead skin cells to renew the complexion and remove impurities. Papaya extracts also work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the skin’s surface. I haven´t used this mask yet, but I can´ t wait to give it a try because it sounds like a great mask!
  • HealGel Body is promised to gently nourish troublesome areas of skin. The lightweight easily absorbing gel contains soothing arnica and madecassoside liposomes to target distressed areas, leaving them calm and regenerated; perfect for relieving irritable spots, restoring dry skin and helping to retain moisture throughout the day. I have never heard of HealGel before and from its name I assumed that maybe it is some sort of miracle gel that heals maybe scars or something like that. Anyway I have used it once so far on my quite try hands and it seemed nice.
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle is described as  sweet smelling spray that detangles, adds shine and protects from both UVA rays and heat damage. It is also vegan, paraben- and sulfate-free. Well after not that amazing experience with Beauty Protector hair mask (sample sunday post about it coming hopefully tomorrow 😀 ) I´m  not sure what to expect from this spray. It does come with pretty promises, but will it live up to those promises? Who knows ….
  • Embrace Matcha Green Tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients (up to 10 times more than a regular cup of green tea!). This classic green tea is 100% natural and incredibly versatile. Well I drank I it and unfortunately I wasn´t impressed. It tasted like a regular green tea (which I btw love), but instead of tea bag or tea leaves it was a powder. I personally will not purchase it again, especially since one box of these (30 servings) costs 24.99£.
  • Stila Lip Glaze (shade Glitter ???) have been bestsellers for years because of their sheer pink-toned hues that are universally flattering and the pen-style applicator which makes them easy to apply. Plus, the built-in vitamin A, C and E keep lips from drying out. I was really exited to try Stila Lip Glaze, but after first use I was disappointed, because it felt SO sticky on my lips 🙁 It lasted nicely, but the stickiness ….. I hope I will change my mind about this one after I have used it more, but at the moment I´m not impressed. Oh and the shade. The only word on that lip glaze packaging that looks like a shade name is Glitter, but if I googled it I didn´t find any Stila lip glazes with that shade name. Weird.
  • Birchbox Pilates Band is described as a game-changing resistance band. This pink resistance band is suitable for both those who just want to upgrade their regular exercise routine or those who haven´t done any exercises before. Seriously? This resistance-band is a joke! Maybe my exercise level is just too high for this one, but for me this was useless and so my 2 year-old son played with it until he managed to destroy it (and that took less than a week 😀 )
  • The last item in my this months box was little booklet with 12 little challenges. One of the challenges or example was Upping your sleep quality with tips how to achieve it. That little booklet is nice source of inspiration, but I doubt that I´ll do any of those challenges.

Birchbox UK January 2015

Well this was my this month´s Birchbox UK box. This was my sixth and also last Birchbox for now. Why last? Well the only reason why I subscribed to Birchbox was because last summer I stumbled on a discount code and thanks to that code I paid £30 + £8 for shipping for 6 months subscription which normally costs £50 for 6 months plus shipping £2.95 per month. For that 38£ those 6 Birchboxes were good and some of them were very good.

Which is your favorite subscription box?

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