Avon Luxe Seduction mascara

A little more than a year ago I discovered for myself Avon mascaras. My first Avon mascara was, which also became very quickly one of my favorite mascaras from Avon, Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance mascara (review here) which was really good and I loved it! My today´s post is about Avon Luxe Seduction mascara, which was sitting and waiting in my untried beauty products box way too long 😛

Avon Luxe Seduction mascara

Avon Luxe Seduction mascara comes in a simple golden tube. This mascara comes with a medium sized mascara wand which helps to cover all lashes and separates them nicely.

Avon Luxe Seduction mascara

On my lashes it looks like this.

Avon Luxe Seduction mascara

I have been using this mascara alternately with Lancome Hypnose mascara almost two months now. I have to admit that after having great experience with Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance mascara I did have high expectations on this mascara, too.

What I like about Luxe Seduction mascara is that:

  • it gives my lashes nice black color
  • is easy to apply
  • doesn´t stick lashes together
  • doesn´t irritate my eyes
  • adds length to my lashes
  • easy to remove
  • doesn´t flake

Seems pretty good? Well, unfortunately there are some things I don´t like about it at all:

  • it doesn´t add much volume
  • it starts smearing during the day, especially if I sweat or the weather is humid

Even though this mascara has many positive sides then in conclusion unfortunately this mascara has been kind of disappointment for me, because I want my mascara to give me long voluminous lashes. Also I´m not fond of mascaras that start smearing during the day 🙁

Overall, in my opinion it is an average mascara which I will not purchase in the future.

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