#OMGNailStrips Merry Christmas Nail Strips

Last week I showed you OMG Nail Strips with flower pattern. Today I´m showing you OMG Nail Strips Merry Christmas Nail Strips 🙂
#OMGNailStrips Merry Christmas Nail Strips


Nail polish strips arrived nicely packed with an application instructions on the packaging. One package contained 14 pieces in different widths.

#OMGNailStrips Merry Christmas Nail Strips

Using these Merry Christmas Nail Strips was simple. I started with my usual manicure routine (hand scrub, shaping my nails, pushing back cuticles) and then applied the nail strips and finished my manicure with Essie Good To Go top coat.

#OMGNailStrips Merry Christmas Nail Strips

I like these nail wraps a lot! They looked really cool and I perfect for this Christmas season 🙂 They are easy to apply and stayed on my nails very well. During application I had some creases here and there, but Essie Good To Go top coat smoothed out all those creases. I wore these OMG Nail Strips on my nails for a week  and even after  seven days there wasn´t much visible tipwear.

Overall I enjoyed using OMG Nail Strips and if you want to decorate your nails for Christmas or any other event in an easy way then I recommend checking out their website.

These nail strips cost 7.99$ and are available at www.omgnailstrips.com

If you would like to try OMG Nail Strips then they have 5 for $25 promotion with coupon code “5pack” and a 10 for $45 with the coupon code “10pack”.

Check also out their Instagram @omgnailstrips


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