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When it comes to nail strips then I´ve heard all kind of horror stories how they are hard to apply, don´t fit on normal nails and won´t stay on nails etc. And so when a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by to try some of their OMG Nails Strips I was bit hesitant to try them, but I just loved the designs they offer and so I decided to give them a try.

I received two sets of nail strips from – one with flowers that I´m going to show you today and one Christmas design that I ´ll show you next week 😉

OMG Nail Strips review


White Floral Pattern nail polish strips arrived nicely packed. On package contains 14 pieces in different widths.

OMG Nail Strips

On the packaging there are application instructions.

OMG Nail Strips instructions

OMG Nail Strips on my nails. I managed to place the nail strip too far from the cuticle on my pointed finger unfortunately 🙁 I wore these on my nails for 7 days and every day I received compliments about how beautiful my nails look 😀

OMG Nail Strips on my nails

My opinion

Well I was afraid that applying these nail polish strips will be a mess, but luckily I was very wrong! Applying them was quite easy. OMG Nail Strips are really thin and so it is easy to smooth them on your nails. Since my nails have their natural curve then I ended up with some creases, but once I applied my top coat (I used Essie Good To Go) the creases disappeared.

These nail polish strips are promised to last up to 10 days. I kept them on my nails or 7 days, because I wanted to try another design, but I think they would have lasted a couple of more days. There was bit visible nail wear on some of my nails, but not too bad. Removing the nail polish strips wasn´t very difficult. I removed them like regular nail polish.

Overall I loved OMG Nail Strips, because using them was easy and the result lasted for a week!

These nail strips cost 7.99$ and are available at

If you would like to try OMG Nail Strips then they have 5 for $25 promotion with coupon code “5pack” and a 10 for $45 with the coupon code “10pack”.

Check also out their Instagram @omgnailstrips


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