Getting Your Man to Shave and Groom


One of the longer lasting recent male fashion trends is prominent facial hair. Whilst the well-groomed beards and mustaches of Hollywood actors and rock stars are a pleasant sight to behold, your special someone may not have electric razor skills or the personal team of stylists to help him maintain an excellent facial appearance.

If not given the right care and attention, a beard can easily become unruly, resulting in more of an unkempt look than an on-trend aspect to their character. Here are a few ways to help guide your man on the right beard keeping path.

Getting Your Man to Shave and Groom

Invest in the right tools

Keeping facial hair in check will be an easy- maybe even a little therapeutic- experience if your guy has the perfect grooming kit. You could help him out with this one by getting him a few things for Christmas. Electric razors or beard trimmers are an obvious must but jazz things up a little with scented beard oils, luxurious balms and specialised combs. Packaged in a wooden box along with a hand mirror, this would be a bearded boy’s best friend.

Give subtle compliments

A man’s pride is a fragile and predictable thing. If you think his beard is starting to get a little over the top or misshapen, casually remind him of how much you liked the look of it in previous weeks. Regular hints of this nature should hopefully spur him in to trimming and shaping his facial hair back into a more acceptable style. And be sure to compliment him upon his return to stylish beard maintenance (a reference to Ryan Gosling should do it!).

Show off your shaving skills

If you are handy with an electric razor, there are plenty of online tutorials and celebrity inspirations out there to help you do the job yourself! A great amount of trust is needed between the two of you, and whilst it solves the problem of your annoyance with his facial hair, you can also have more of an influence on what his beard ultimately looks like. Your man may think you are doing him a favour, but really it is just another case of you coming out on top!

Image by Ace Armstrong, used under the Creative Commons license.

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