Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster

In August and September I noticed that my skin looked kind of dull and tired and so it was obvious that I have to do something about it. So one day I was visiting Boots Store to buy some new beauty product when I stumbled on Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster. It was on offer and sounded promising and so I purchased it.

Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster  review

Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster is described as a powerful targeted solution to boost and revitalise skin thanks to its brightening and lightening ingredients. This cream is infused with hyaluronic acid and light diffusing particles to promote firmer looking features and help erase signs of fatique. It is promised to be a perfect product for giving that extra helping hand to skin that needs a boost or pick me up and as a base for makeup to enhance its luminous appearance.

Smooth the cream on your cleansed & toned skin with your fingertips and massage into the skin using soft sweeping movements. Apply makeup immediately after use. For dry and dehydrated skin apply a moisturising base before makeup. For intensive beauty treatment use 2 to 3 times a week preferably in the evening.

Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster  ingredients

Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster has light peachy color and it looks and feels like a gel cream. The product comes in a see-through 50ml plastic tube with a flip cap and simple design.

Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster

For  some reason I imagined Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster to be more watery (I´ve no idea why 😛 ), but it is actually really nice gel cream. It has pleasant scent and it absorbs quickly. It feels really light on my skin and doesn´t leave  greasy or oily residue. I had no problems with applying my makeup over this product.

But did it make any difference? Well since this cream was really cheap and I have to be honest and say that I wasn´t expecting much. After using this cream twice a day for a week I actually noticed difference – when I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror my skin didn´t look dull and tired no more! Yay!

Overall I´m very pleased with Boots Time Delay Radiance Booster, because it actually worked for my skin and didn´t cost a fortune 🙂 Would I buy it again? Yes!


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