Swindon 10K

As I promised yesterday, here is a bit longer post about Swindon 10K race that I attended on Sunday. I wasn´t sure if I´m going ot the race til the last moment, because I hadn´t gone jogging for three weeks due being under the weather (and I have been very lazy when it comes to jogging anyway lately 😛 ) and when I was feeling better than I worked out on my cross trainer hired from Hire Fitness, but working out on a cross trainer isn´t exactly the same as running outside. But since I had already paid for the race then not showing up, would have been kind of like a giving up.

So even though I was still coughing a bit I decided to bite the bullet and attend the race. The weather was foggy and soggy and not very warm (read: typical British weather) and I would have liked to just stay in bed and sleep instead of going outside.

The race itself was ok. For the first two miles my cough was causing me some problems and so the first 5km lap was kind of difficult for me. The second lap was easier, because I somehow felt some new energy to just keep on going and finish no matter what. And I finished with time 1:02:02 which is pretty bad even for me (and I´m not good at running 😛 ), but at least I did it 😛

swindon 10k

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