I&K Party Wig from Hairtrade

Most of my life I have had blonde hair. I also have dyed my hair dark dark brown and light brown a couple of times, but I´ve always returned to blonde at some point (I really should do a throwback Thursday post about it 😛 ). One hair color I´ve always wanted to try is red, but I never have, because I´ve heard that it is really difficult to maintain and once you want to get rid of it and go back to blonde it can be a headache. So easiest way to get red hair is … a wig.

I&K Party Wig from Hairtrade

PR sample; All opinions my own


This red I&K party wig is from Hairtrade. It is made of synthetic hair and it is available in 8 colors: black, blue, grey, pink, white, red, purple and light blue. I chose mine in red, because I´ve always wanted to try red hair 😛

I&K Party Wig from Hairtrade

It has nice bob style cut – another one that I´ve always wanted to try. When it comes to synthetic wigs then I don´t have much belief in their quality, especially after the experience with cheap black wig that was part of my Halloween costume and that just had pretty awful quality. This party wig looks great and so far I can´t reallt complain about it´s quality either. It hasn´t lost much hair, it doesn´t have unpleasant scent and when I´m wearing it doesn´t feel itchy. It is good that I can also wash this wig if necessary using cool or lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

I&K Party Wig from Hairtrade

Overall I´m really happy with I&K party wig from Hairtrade and I can´t wait for a costume party where I could wear it.


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