Elliptical Cross Trainer from Hire Fitness

Elliptical Cross Trainer from Hire Fitness


Some of you maybe know that I´ve been using LS7000 Elliptical Cross Trainer from Hire Fitness for 4.5 weeks now. If you are not familiar with Hire Fitness then see my post HERE 😉

So this cross trainer was delivered and installed in a room of my choice. I chose dining room, because I had a perfect empty corner there for this machine and I can see TV and enjoy my favorite comedies or music videos while working out :P. When the machine arrived  I was shown how to use it and I also received a owner´s manual, so I could read more about how to use it.

At first using this elliptical cross trainer seemed bit complicated, but it is actually really easy to use and so it is no rocket science 😉 There are different programs to choose between and I mostly use the P4 which is a Fat Burn program. For some reason I like it most. It starts really easy and then gets harder and harder and then it gets easier again. It will take 30 minutes to complete it, but if I have more time then I sometimes do it twice (total of 60 minutes).

Before using this cross trainer I didn´t have much experience with cross trainers and so I wasn´t even sure what to expect. After workout my arms were really tired which was a surprise to me, because while working out I didn´t notice that I used my hands that much 😀

Overall I have been really enjoying working out on elliptical cross trainer from Hire Fitness, because I just love it!

You can find more information about Hire Fitness from www.hirefitness.co.uk or if you are from Ireland then www.hire-fitness.ie.

Don´t forget to check out their Twitter @hirefitness_lon

Hire Fitness also offers to all my lovely readers from UK and Ireland a discount of 20% off any hire of 8 weeks or more! To redeem your discount use code beautybymissl

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