9 reasons to hire fitness equipment

Last week I showed you the cross trainer I was sent from Hire Fitness. I did have a plan to let you know how my active workout week has been, but since I managed to catch cold last week and I spent the last Wednesday sick in bed with fever and for the last three days I have suffered from bad headache then no workout update 🙁 Instead I thought to share you my 9 reasons to hire fitness equipment.

9 reasons to hire fitness equipment

  1. fitness equipment can cost pretty much, especially if you are after quality and so renting one can be more affordable.
  2. Treadmills, exercise bikes etc can become boring at some point and often they end up collecting dust somewhere. When you rent your equipment then often companies offer you a possibility to swap it for something else.
  3. You can do your workout at home! For me this is important when autumn and winter arrive. Running when it is freezing cold or raining just isn`t for me and so I prefer doing my exercises at home.
  4. Renting fitness equipment before buying it, is great because you can make sure that you really like the machine. For example I always thought that treadmill would be perfect for me…. and then I had an opportunity to try one and I realised that I hate it! So yeah if you are not sure if you really like that specific machine then renting will give you a pretty good idea if it is for you or not.
  5. Machine will be delivered to your doorstep and installed to room of your choice.
  6. You don´t have to worry about the maintenance of the machine, because the hiring company will do it for you
  7. gym contracts can be expensive and when you can´t really find time to go there then it is just a waste of money.
  8. If you have a job that makes you move often then it is easier to rent fitness equipment then buy because usually they are very heavy and when you have to move from one place to another  then you will have one item less to move 😉
  9. Hired fitness equipment motivates me to workout more because I want to use it as much as possible before my rental period ends (you can always extend it, but you get the point, right 😛 ).

If you are from UK and interested in hiring gym equipment then check out www.hirefitness.co.uk (Ireland  www.hire-fitness.ie).

Don´t forget to check out their Twitter @hirefitness_lon

Be active, be healthy, be happy


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