Book review: Terry Treetop Finds New Friends

I haven´t done any book reviews here before and so today I´m sharing you my thoughts about children´s book Terry Treetop Finds New Friends by Tali Carmi.

Terry Treetop Finds New Friends

Terry Treetop is a boy with red hair and freckles and he loves climbing trees. One day Terry´s dad builds him a tree house. Terry climbs to his new house and looks down on green fields and he feels like he is on top of everything. But Terry doesn´t have friends to play with in his new house and so he is sad. He decides to go on a journey to find new friends. He packs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a water bottle and starts his journey. Terry meets many animals on his way, but they all are busy working and no one has time to go playing with Terry ….

Terry Treetop Finds New Friends is cute book for little ones. It is well written and in simple language. It teaches children not to give up. Terry didn´t give up on his way even though everyone he met were busy with something else. He continued his journey and in the end he had many friends to play with. I also like the illustrations in this book. They are clear and colorful. My son is 2 and so he can´t read it, but he loves looking those illustrations in this book and name animals and items he knows. He also likes listen to this story and we have read it many times by now.

I have Kindle version of this book that I downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. Why smartphone? Well because one thing I always take with me is my phone and so when we are driving somewhere I can give my son my phone and he can look the pictures in this book.


Terry Treetop Finds New Friends is available in hardcover, paperback & Kindle Edition.


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